Business Development

Match Making for Supply & Demand in:

1. Kurdistan Projects 2013
2. Healthcare
3. Energy and power stations
4. Oil & Gas (Refineries)
5. Greenhouses
6. Milk & Cheese industry
7. Seed Potato’s
8. Banking & Financial Services
9. Public Transportations
10.Communication and Software implementations

Special Projects in Agro & Food:
Promoting Agricultural and Food Sector, deploying farmers in the Dutch Farmers & Foreign Enterprises.
1. Project Deployment of students for training and internship / job at Dutch Agricultural companies.
2. Supervising agricultural students in Higher Agricultural Schools in Netherlands.
3. Supervising work / study students and committed to Farmers Agricultural Companies in Netherlands.
4. Supervising agricultural students apply for funding / scholarships in the Netherlands.
5. Guiding agricultural students in their social and property issues.
6. Building bridges between the Higher Agricultural Schools, Employers (LTO VNO_NCW SME) and Dutch Farmers Enterprises.
7. Intermediary role between civil society organizations, government agencies, SER – Social and Economic Council, Social Partners Financial Services (Banking, among others), Education, county and local authorities, employers and students / employees.